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Life by Design: Simple Steps to a Fulfilled Life

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Table Of Contents


My story

A few years ago, I found myself in a place I never expected to be.

I had a stable consulting job, a comfortable apartment, and a routine that many would envy. Yet, I felt empty and unfulfilled. I was merely floating by without a real sense of direction or purpose.

One day, a thought struck me: “Is this really all there is to life?”

I realized I was just existing, not truly living. It was a frightening and sobering moment. I knew I had to find a better way, so I began exploring the concept of life design.

I learned that, just like an architect carefully plans a building, we can intentionally design our lives to reflect our deepest passions and values. What if, instead of drifting aimlessly, I could take control and create a life that truly fulfilled me?


Illustration of an individual standing at a crossroads in a scenic outdoor location, looking at multiple signposts with different life choices. The illustration uses a calm and emotional tone to represent the concept of making intentional choices and life planning. Keyword: life design

The Danger of Floating By

There I was, at a retirement party for a colleague. People were clapping, speeches were made, but all I could think was, "Is this it? Is this what I’m working towards?"

It hit me like a ton of bricks: if I kept going the way I was, I'd end up looking back on a life that felt more like a series of Mondays than a thrilling adventure.

Here's the thing about floating by: it's comfortable, sure, but it's also a trap. You might find yourself in a job that pays the bills but leaves you feeling like a zombie.

Think about all those missed opportunities. Every day you spend drifting is a day you can’t get back. You wake up one day and realize you've been on autopilot, ticking off society’s checkboxes without really living.

But here’s the silver lining: it doesn’t have to be this way. By taking a step back and intentionally designing your life, you can make deliberate choices, and crafting a life that’s not just lived, but loved.

llustration of a diverse group of people in a casual setting, such as a coffee shop or a park, brainstorming ideas together, surrounded by sketches, sticky notes, and laptops, embodying the ideation phase of design thinking. Keyword: life design

Introducing Design Thinking for Life Planning

So, how do you start living intentionally?

You might have heard of design thinking —it's a problem-solving approach used by innovators and designers to create amazing products and solutions.

But here's the cool part: you can use the same principles to design your life.

Design thinking is all about being proactive and experimental. It encourages you to identify your needs and desires, brainstorm creative solutions, and test them out.

It’s like being the architect of your own life, with blueprints that reflect your deepest values and goals.


Simple Steps to Start Designing Your Life

Ready to take the plunge into life design?

Here are some simple, actionable steps to get you started on this transformative journey:

  • Identify Gaps and Problems Look at your current life and identify areas that don’t align with your values and passions. Maybe your job drains you, or you feel disconnected from your community. Recognizing these gaps is crucial for knowing where to focus your efforts.

  • Reflect on Your Values and Passions Take some time to think deeply about what truly matters to you. What do you value most in life? What activities make you feel alive and fulfilled? Use My Life Quest to help clarify these aspects, providing exercises and prompts to guide your reflection.

  • Brainstorm Solutions Let your imagination run wild. Think of all the possible ways you could address the gaps and problems in your life. Don’t limit yourself—consider everything from big career changes to small daily habits. My Life Quest can help facilitate this brainstorming process with creative exercises designed to expand your thinking.

  • Design Life Experiments and Collect Data Choose a few of your best ideas and start testing them out in small ways.

  • If you’re considering a new career path, maybe start by taking a course or networking in that field. Pay attention to how these changes make you feel. Are they bringing you closer to your ideal life? The key is to experiment, see what resonates, and gather feedback. My Life Quest provides tools for collecting and analyzing this data, helping you refine your path. You can read more about life experiments here.

My Life Quest experiments tracker
My Life Quest experiments tracker

  • Stay Committed and Flexible Designing your life isn’t a one-time task; it’s a continuous journey. Stay committed to your vision, but also remain flexible. Life will throw curveballs, and being able to adapt is part of the process. Regularly revisit your plan and make adjustments as needed.

By following these steps, you’ll start to see your life transform in ways you never thought possible. It’s about taking control, being intentional, and designing a life that truly reflects who you are and what you want.



So, why wait? Start your life design journey today and take the first step towards a more intentional, fulfilling life. The future is in your hands—design it wisely.

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