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Experiment With Your Life: Easy Way To Find Your Dream Path

Updated: May 20

Three young adults engaged in creative activities in a cozy, well-lit studio environment. A woman, wearing a beanie and overalls, paints on a canvas, another person, focused and seated, works on a laptop, and a man, smiling, uses a camera. The room is decorated with plants, art supplies, and photographs, creating a productive yet relaxed atmosphere.

Imagine if you could test drive your life choices before fully committing to them.

What if you could explore a new career without quitting your day job, move to a new city before selling your house, or even try a new hobby without buying all the gear?

That's what experimental living is all about.

It’s like having a life simulator that lets you navigate big changes without the risk.

Feeling Stuck: Time for Change

You know that feeling on Sunday evening? That sinking sensation of another week rolling around, doing the same old things, feeling the same old way—stuck and unfulfilled.

It’s as if life is a TV show with the same plot line every episode. Many of us get caught in these loops, feeling lost because we're following a script we didn’t write.

We're told to pick a career path in our early twenties, stick with it, climb the ladder, and then... what?

Retire and spend our days comparing different shades of golf pants? That might work for some, but what about those of us who feel like we're just going through the motions?

The Concept of Experimental Living

This is where experimental living comes in. It’s about breaking the mold and trying new things on for size. It’s a commitment to live life as a series of experiments.

  • Want to see if you’re cut out for the hustle of entrepreneurial life? Start a side project.

  • Dream about living abroad? Rent a place for a month and work remotely.

  • Curious about painting? Take a class, or better yet, grab some paints and make your living room your studio for a weekend.

The beauty of this approach is that there's no big commitments or irreversible decisions. It's all about exploration and learning—about collecting data points on your happiness and satisfaction without upending your entire life.

Practical Ways to Find Yourself

Let’s get practical with some examples:

  • Career: Not sure if a career in graphic design is for you? Volunteer to design a flyer for a local event or take on a small freelance project.

  • Location: Thinking about moving to the countryside? Spend a few weekends there. AirBnB a cottage, meet the locals, and test out the Wi-Fi speed.

  • Hobbies: Interested in photography? Instead of splurging on a high-end camera, start with your smartphone or a second-hand camera. Challenge yourself to capture photos that tell a story, and see where it takes you.

The key is to start small and scale your experiments based on what you learn. Each little test gives you insights, not just into the thing you’re trying, but into your own preferences and dislikes.

Success Stories of Real Transformations

Take Sarah, for instance, a friend of mine who thought she wanted to quit her tech job and open a bakery. Before leaping into culinary school, she started baking for friends and family. It turns out, the early mornings and the constant sugar rush were too much for her. Instead, she discovered she loved food photography more than baking itself. Now, she’s a freelance food photographer, and she’s never been happier.

Or consider Mike, who always dreamed of living in Japan. He decided to test the waters first by taking a short-term contract job in Tokyo. This experiment helped him realize that while he loved visiting Japan, living there wasn’t for him long-term. He’s now back in the States, planning his next adventure—maybe a month in Italy?

In conclusion

Experimenting with life doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. It’s about making informed choices based on real experiences.

So, what small test can you conduct this week to start steering your life in a new direction?

Remember, it’s your life, your script, your adventure. Start writing your own episodes. And if you need a little more guidance on how to navigate this journey, why not check out My Life Quest? It’s designed to help you find your path, one experiment at a time.

A screenshot of My Life Quest - an experiment tracker
With My Life Quest you can create your life experiments & track your progress

The life you dream of could just be one experiment away. Ready to find out?

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