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How To Stop Feeling Behind In Life

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You'd be surprised how many people feel behind in life. It's similar to adulting - everyone assumes everyone else got their life together, while in reality everyone feels like a bit of an impostor.

Does this sound like you?

  • "I am comparing myself to peers and feeling I am so behind."

  • "I had a vision for my life, but I haven't achieved any of my goals."

  • "I just feel like I am wasting my life."

It's a painful place to be, but don't despair, there is a way out.

But first, let's unpack what's going on here.


Reasons you are feeling behind in life

  1. You are take action, to leave your comfort zone, to fail. Fears are a great mechanism that stops us from doing stupid things, but when left unchecked, they can prevent us from pursuing our dreams and living our best life.

  2. You are overthinking...confused and overwhelmed. You know there are lots of options out there, if only you knew which path is right for you, then you would just go hard for it. But you have no idea how to pick the right path, so you end up doing nothing. Bummer!

  3. You have no belief in yourself...if only you had that degree, money, freedom, then it would be easier. You don't believe you deserve the best life and can actually achieve it!

  4. You have no life purpose...or goals, or a clear plan for how to get there. You don't know where to even start and simply floating by without a clear sense of direction.

Whatever your reasons are, you've already accomplished an important goal - you've acknowledge that you feel behind and you want to do something about it.

Great job, let's get you back on track!


How to get back on track in life

Just to manage your expectations - it won't happen overnight.

Figuring out your life might take some time and involves several steps. Depending on your situation your path might be different, but broadly you will follow these four steps.

  1. Envision the life you want. In order to get somewhere, you need to get clear on your destination. In case with your life it means getting clarity on how you see yourself and your life in the future. What does your day-to-day life look like? What do you do? Who are you with? How do you feel?

In My Life Quest we dedicated whole two missions to help you envision your life. You can create your perfect day guided by a series of questions. You can then visualise it and bring it to life even more through your vision board (highly recommend to print it and keep in front of your eyes!).

Vision board
You can create as many vision boards as you like with My Life Quest

  1. Overcome your fears. Yeah, unchartered territories are scary, but isn't staying in the life you hate for the rest of your life scarier? With the right tools you can tackle all of your fears one by one like peanuts. It's pretty simple - once you define each one of your fears, you can face them and come up with an action plan for what you will do if it happens. Once fears faced, you will no longer feel paralysed.

  1. Create a life plan. Having a good plan is winning half the battle. Once you know where you are going and how you will get there, you don't need to think, analyse or be afraid, all you will need to do is act. It might be tricky to create a holistic life plan without guidance, so you can always use tools like My Life Quest to help you do it in a fun and organised way.

  1. Get out of your head and into your life. Having done all the work to figure out your vision and life plan, you must stop thinking and start doing. This is not the time to re-assess and re-think, you've already weighed all the options. Take up 'bias towards action' approach and you will get your life back on track in no time.


One last thing before you go…

If you are tired of being stuck and ready to create the life you love, try My Life Quest. It is a personal discovery journey that will help you understand who you are, get clear on what you want, create a strategic life plan, and start moving with life experiments.

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