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How Can I Know Myself Better

A person is challenging their limiting beliefs with My Life Quest

“How can I find myself?” — you might be wondering.

Most people live their Iives on an auto-pilot, ticking society’s boxes, not their own. Since you’re wondering how to discover yourself, you’re way ahead. Once you understand who you truly are, you can intentionally create the most amazing life for yourself.


Why do we lose ourselves

We are social creatures and heavily rely on others for our sense of identity. Where we come from, our occupation, relationship status, hobbies — all that inadvertently forms our sense of self, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But there’s a catch. Our authentic self might be hidden beyond the layers of societal expectations, family beliefs and even our own false ideas of who we are.

If that’s the case, you might start feeling like something is off with your life. It could very well be that you’re not living your life in sync with who you really are.


What does it mean to “find myself”?

When you know who you are, everything in your life falls into place. 

Self-knowledge eliminates doubt and regret, since you know exactly what truly matters to you and what is not a priority. You focus on the right things, progress towards your goals, and eliminate anything that doesn’t serve you.

When you know yourself you:

  • Have a clear sense of self-identity. You know your strength, weaknesses, passions, desires and needs.

  • Know your core values. You have discovered and prioritised your personal values and you rely on them to stay on track in life and make important life decisions.

  • Have a clear belief system. You’ve identified your limiting beliefs and challenged them, discerning your own authentic beliefs from those brought on to you by others.

  • Have life principles. You are clear on your non-negotiables and areas where you are willing to flex. You have a clear ‘why’ behind every decision you make.

  • Have defined your North Star. You have a clear vision for your life — what you stand for, who your tribe is and what your purpose on life is.

North Star
My Life Quest guides you to creating your North Star step-by-step

7 Powerful Techniques for Self-Discovery

A path to self-discovery is unique for every person and might take time. Here you will find the most effective way to discover yourself. 

1. Embrace journalling

Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery. By putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), you create a safe space to explore your innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment.

You can start by simply free-writing whatever comes to mind, or you can use prompts and exercises to dive deeper.

For example, you could write a letter to your future self, describing your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Or, you could reflect on a significant life event and how it shaped you.

The key is to approach journaling with honesty and vulnerability, allowing yourself to confront emotions and uncover patterns that may have been hidden from your conscious awareness.

2. Try New Things

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new experiences is a great way to learn more about yourself. When you challenge yourself with unfamiliar activities, you’ll inevitably face fears, doubts, and limitations that reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a class in something you’ve always been curious about, like pottery, salsa dancing, or coding

  • Go to a cultural event or festival that celebrates a tradition different from your own

  • Volunteer for a cause that resonates with you, and observe how you feel contributing to that mission

Embrace the awkwardness and discomfort that come with trying new things — that’s where the real growth and self-discovery happen.

3. Question Everything

To truly know yourself, you must be willing to question the beliefs, assumptions, and narratives that shape your worldview.

Ask yourself:

  • Why do I hold certain values or opinions?

  • Where did these beliefs come from (family, culture, religion, etc.)?

  • Are these beliefs serving me, or am I holding onto them out of habit or fear

Don’t be afraid to challenge long-held convictions or to explore alternative perspectives. The more you question, the deeper your understanding of yourself will become.

My Life Quest mission Limiting Beliefs
With My Life Quest you can discover & challenge your limiting beliefs in a fun way

4. Guided Self-Reflection

Sometimes, we need a structured process or framework to truly delve into our deepest selves. That’s where guided self-reflection can be invaluable. My Life Quest is a great self-discovert tool designed to help you explore your values, strengths, goals, and purpose. 

With My Life Quest you will:

  • Identify your personal values

  • Establish and challenge your limiting beliefs

  • Create a vision for your ideal life

  • Define your North Star and a life plan

It is a great way to explore your true self in a fun and interactive way.

5. Explore Your Passions

What activities, topics, or causes light you up from the inside? When you’re engaged in something you’re passionate about, you’ll likely experience a sense of flow, joy, and authenticity.

Pay attention to the things that energize you and make you lose track of time. Then, make a conscious effort to incorporate more of those passions into your life. Immersing yourself in your passions will not only bring you fulfillment but also reveal facets of your personality and purpose.

6. Plan a trip

There’s something about stepping outside of your familiar surroundings that can shift your perspective and help you see yourself in a new light.

When you travel, you’re exposed to different cultures, customs, and ways of life that challenge your assumptions and broaden your horizons.

Things you can try:

  • Take a solo trip to a place that’s always intrigued you

  • Embark on an adventure that pushes you physically or mentally (hiking the Appalachian Trail, learning a new language abroad, etc.)

  • Participate in a volunteer program or cultural immersion experience

The experiences you have and the people you meet while traveling can profoundly impact your sense of identity and self-understanding.

7. Work with a coach or psychologist

Sometimes, we all need an outside perspective to help us see ourselves more clearly. A trained coach or psychologist can provide that objective viewpoint, as well as proven techniques and strategies for self-exploration. 

In working with a professional, you can:

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs or patterns

  • Develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Create an action plan for personal growth and fulfillment

Don’t be afraid to seek support — investing in your self-discovery journey with the help of an expert can be incredibly rewarding.


To conclude

Remember, self-discovery is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Approach these practices with openness, curiosity, and compassion for yourself. The more you peel back the layers, the closer you’ll come to fully embracing your authentic self.

One last thing before you go… 

If you are tired of being stuck and ready to create the life you love, try My Life Quest. It is a personal discovery journey that will help you understand who you are, get clear on what you want, create a strategic life plan, and start moving with life experiments.

Try for free now: My Life Quest.

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