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Career Coaches Trap You: Find Your Authentic Life Path

 An illustration of an ambitious individual breaking free from a rigid framework towards a path filled with light and opportunities. The person is on a journey of self-discovery, depicted through elements like a compass and light bulb.

Ever felt like career coaches just don't quite work? They try to fit you into a box instead of helping you figure out your unique path. Is there a way to find your true life path without these limitations? Absolutely, read on!


The Changing Nature of Career Paths

Career paths are no longer linear. Many of us are still used to the idea of a three-staged life: education - career - retirement. But this framework no longer works. Life longevity is increasing. Many of us will live until 100 years of age. Staying in one career for 60-70 years is simply impossible. Likely, the career you start with won't exist in a few decades, and vice versa, your future career might not even exist yet.

What do you do in such a rapidly evolving environment? High-achievers take non-linear routes and break away from the norms. This means constantly adapting, reinventing yourself, and often creating your own unique career path that's not even on offer.

Take entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Richard Branson. They reinvented themselves multiple times, and keep doing it regularly, following their evolving passions.


The Need for Authentic Self-Discovery

Individual reflecting and assessing self to find life path

If you want to discover a truly fulfilling career, you need to take ownership of your path, starting with a deep understanding of your authentic self. What are your values, passions, strengths?

Authentic self-discovery is about understanding what truly drives and excites you in this specific moment of your life (and it might change over time). It’s about finding a path that aligns with your unique identity and aspirations.


Ways To Finding Your Life Path That Work

Here are alternative approaches to career planning that focus on helping you discover your passions and create a career path that is right for you:

  • Self-Discovery: Spend time understanding your talents and strengths. Tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and StrengthsFinder can be helpful starting points, but don’t let them define you. Reflect on the results and use them as a starting point to explore your passions further.

  • Figure Out What You Want My Life Quest is a fantastic self-discovery tool that helps you discover your values, passions and figure out what career paths is right for you. We have a whole mission dedicated to help you discover your most fulfilling career path.

  • Explore & Experiment: Try out with different roles and industries through internships, freelance projects, or volunteer work. These hands-on experiences are a great way to learn what really works and what doesn't for you without taking too many risks. It's called experimentation. Learn more about life experiments here.

  • Network: Talk to people in fields that interest you. If you are interested in a particular career, you must have ideas of what's it like. Talking to people who actually work in the area already is a great way to validate your assumptions and get advice on how to best get your foot in the door.

  • Learn & Adapt: Stay open to learning new skills and adapting to changes. There will be jobs that no one is prepared for. How about an AI prompt engineer? It's not something you can learn at college. Stay curious, always learn new things and don't be afraid to create your unique job that has no job description.



Traditional career coaching can often feel confining. By embracing alternative approaches to self-discovery and career development, you can break free from these constraints and find a fulfilling path that truly resonates with you.

Start your journey of self-discovery today and unlock your true potential with My Life Quest.

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